Everly Brothers Songs and Covers

The Everly Brothers is a Rockabilly and rock and roll band from the United States with a great country influence. They are renown because of their close harmony singing technique and their steel string acoustic guitar technique. The brothers, Don Everly and Phil Everly were from Shenandoah, Iowa and were active from 1951 to 1973 and from 1983 to 2005.

Both of the brothers were guitarists and sing using vocal harmony on diatonic thirds. Don was mainly low key and san baritone and Phil was mostly high and san tenor. However, they could overlap their voices perfectly. There are a few songs like Since You Broke My Heart and I’ll See Your Light that were the exception though. Popular everly brothers songs are All I Have to Do, Bye Bye Love, Let it Be Me, Wake Up Little Susie among other.

Today they are a lot of good quality covers of this band, like All I’ve Got To Do from REM, Bye Bye Love by Ray Charles, Wake Up Little Susie by Paul Simon and Art Grafunkel, Love Hurts by Rod Stewart, Long Time Gone by Billie Joe and Norah Jones, Crying In The Rain by a-ha, Man With The Money by The Who and Sleepless Nights by Eddie Vedder.

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